Vitale Barberis Canonico


Blazers were the first modern jacket in the history of classic apparel. In the course of more than 180 years, they have remained practically unchanged. And our jackets nowadays derive from this garment both in terms of dimension and style. Most of the legends surrounding its origins have nothing to do with its true origins. It was created as a sports jacket and was worn by cricket players. Then, in double-breasted blues, it was adopted by the military world, then in brighter colours and also with stripes, by the nautical world and various clubs. Blazers must have metal buttons, either gold or silver, or also in gun metal. And should always be worn with brown shoes. In winter, the perfect fabric is prunelle (or possibly even flannel) and they go well together with grey or beige trousers. In summer, blazers are great in hopsack or double-twist, as single-breasted, unlined models and they reach their peak when combined with white trousers and light-coloured shoes.