Vitale Barberis Canonico


Although Balzac said you could recognise a gentleman by his boots, it is not possible to say the same thing today about a man’s shoes. Some models are as old as the person wearing them, especially if you think about moccasins, which in the native language means just that: shoes. From a stylistic and technical point of view, modern shoes have their origins in the second half of the 1800s, when artisanal companies became industrial (the Goodyear welt was invented around 1860). Laced models are divided into two fundamental categories: Oxford (or brogue) and Derby. The first, which are more elegant and lower cut, have a facing for the laces beneath the vamp; the others have it above, making them more open and sporty. From this particular detail, all the others follow with regard to materials, colours and decorations. The same axiom applies to shoes: the simpler, the more elegant they are. Of course, it is better to have a leather sole, which is more breathable and long-lasting, as it can be replaced time after time. And with a leather sole, a man’s steps have a more typical sound, as does a woman’s when she is wearing high heels… As with all of your wardrobe, good maintenance is an absolute must in terms of elegance.