Vitale Barberis Canonico

Sports jacket

A sports jacket is the litmus test for the elegant gentleman. Whereas with the suit, you are more likely to keep to the safer choices for professional and metropolitan life, the sports jacket is able to express your individual sensitivity to style. As Ivano Comi writes, “The “broken suit” is the thinnest of veils between Heaven and Hell …” Excluding blazers, jackets build a bridge between the sports world and the semi-formal, and should preferably be single-breasted. With classic lapels (please not peaked), no buttonhole and slightly more comfortable to enable better movement. In contrast to suits, sports jackets can often be patterned and coloured, but should never be too gaudy. On the front, a three roll two button fastening, all’italiana and four small buttons on the sleeves. An important detail: in order to be a good jacket and trouser combination, they must have contrasting colours. A sports jacket is better with patch pockets, especially if it is in plain. For this type of jacket, a single, central vent in the back is permitted, as a legacy from the world of horse-riding.