Vitale Barberis Canonico

Sports jacket

The colour of the physical fabric may not perfectly match that shown in the photograph.
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The full body of this fabric is characterised by its three-dimensional hopsack weave and the unevenness of the surface is guaranteed by the complexity of its structure. As a result of the porous weave and the twist which gives the wool a dry hand, it is ideal for warmer temperatures when unlined, and for spring, autumn or even for winter wear when lined. The use of the 21 micron wool gives the fabric a resilience and crease resistance that makes it the perfect solution for sports jackets of all types for the contemporary man who likes to arrive at his destination in impeccable style.
After having worn your suit for an entire day, we advise taking it off and letting it rest on a hanger (preferably wood, with molded shoulder pieces). Before putting any suit in the closet you should air it out, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight if possible and brushing it with a natural-fiber brush. You should also clean off (if necessary) any food or beverage stains, which may attract destructive insects. Make sure the pockets are empty, and use potpourri bags with camphor or naphthalene as natural insect deterrents. We advise that you bring your suit to a drycleaner only when strictly necessary; due to the cleaning solvents they use, every dry cleaning weakens the natural fibers in your suit, altering its characteristics and reducing its useful lifetime. Beware of do-it-yourself ironing: your fabrics may become irreparably “shiny” as a result.
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not wash
  • Maximum temperature 150°C/300°F
  • No rotary drum drying
  • All cleaning solvents except trichloroethylene
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