Earth, Wind & Fire

Functional fabrics in which the high-quality raw materials come together with performance and innovative technology.

The fabrics of the Earth, Wind & Fire range

Leaving the hand of the wool mill’s woollen and worsted flannel unchanged, complete eco fluoro-free water resistance has been achieved, making this fabric ideal for overcoats, and outerwear and padded jackets.


Aspen are fabrics which have a porous polyurethane membrane applied which, in addition to protecting the wearer from the wind, also makes them rainproof. These fabrics are particularly suitable for quilted jackets as the extremely light membrane cannot be perforated by the goose down, making the internal compartments unnecessary, which would only make the garment heavier.


A jacket with a slubbed hopsack look in wool and silk, made more performant by means of the addition of a coloured membrane, allowing for the creation of trenches and other types of upper casual coats. Waterproof, windstopper and breathable.