Inspired by the great textile traditions, and nonetheless always a step ahead of fashion. A reference point for men’s fabrics.

The fabrics of the Classic range
21 Micron

21 Micron is the final destination of a long journey in search of a family of cloths of the highest quality that guarantee unparalleled strength and crease-resistance.
Taking the road less travelled, we have selected a deliberately non-fine, elastic and vibrant fibre, the signature of a new era, courtesy of Vitale Barberis Canonico.


Perennial is the suit fabric par excellence for work. It does not offer to teach you English, but there are plains and classic designs in a range wide enough to guarantee balance and good measure while nobody has to give up the idea of expressing their own style. For men who want to make clear who they are, not only what they want, Vitale Barberis Canonico has never stopped improving this fabric in which the fluidity of the weave and the quality of the Super 110’s wools work together to enhance the suit, and the comfortable weight of 260 g enables the wearer to feel great.


Vitale Barberis Canonico owes its prestige to its continuing stylistic updating and the rigour with which it respects the rules of the art of textiles to which, with its more than 350 years of history, it has made its own contributions. Revenge is produced using pure Merino Super 150’s wool, which indicates a fineness of more than 16 microns, practically the same as cashmere. Such precious materials should be processed with the maximum care, although many analogue products are created using a plain weave. The structure of Revenge, however, is a double twist, meaning multiple-ply yarns both in the warp and the weft. Nothing is spared, including the density of yarns per centimetre, which is necessary to obtain a good quality fabric. The Revenge family is developed in classic registers and lends itself to day and evening suits with strong personalities, where the right dose of formalism comes together with fancies and a pinch of vanity.


Flannel is a must-have for the wardrobe of any gentleman. Whoever wears flannel radiates an air of authority and reserve. Flannel may keep its distance from things, but not from other people.
Vitale Barberis Canonico produces flannel in three different versions: worsted and carded, always using single yarns according to the unspoken rules of the art of textiles.
The Vitale Barberis Canonico woollen flannel (articles 4000 and 5000), with a weight of 340 g and 350 g respectively, is available in the traditional designs: houndstooth, Prince of Wales, checked and striped, the last also available with a bouclé stripe to give a touch of contemporary lightness. In addition, there is article 99, a worsted flannel of 270 g, dyed in the yarn and made even more expressive by a mélange effect obtained by blending wool of different colour nuances.
Worsted flannel can be backed with a polyurethane membrane to obtain waterproof, windstopper and fluoro-free water repellent performance ideal for outdoor and technical garments.

Wool & Mohair

No other fabric expresses such composure and dynamism in such a light weight as the plain in wool and mohair, a classic men’s fabric in which Vitale Barberis Canonico has always excelled. South African mohair selected directly at auction in Cape Town is spun in a skilful blend to result in plains in which the weft, black as in the English tradition, adds a touch of energetic nonchalance, but also in decidedly urban stripes or subtle Prince of Wales checks for day or travel wear.
It should be emphasised that, since August 2018, Vitale Barberis Canonico has only bought certified Mohair South Africa (MSA) mohair, which attests to the provenance of the fibres as exclusively from farms which conform with the rigorous guidelines defined for the sustainable breeding of angora goats.


Greenhills has its origins in Super 160’s wool produced by the homonymous farm, where it would be possible to produce even finer fibres, but in the end, what we wear is the fabric, not the number. Every procedure during breeding respects the nature of the animal and the environment, while during processing there are the difficult tasks of refining and intensifying it. This is why the hand is suggestive of a living fleece, with its reassuring natural warmth, like stroking a cat. The expertise continues in the weaving, where touches of light create movement without resorting to obvious designs. Greenhills, in fact, is dedicated to those who understand the subtle differences.