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21 micron
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There are things which are man-made, but which man cannot change, or at least, should not change. While the proof of a wine increases, the greatest wines, for example champagne, never change their standards. Fabrics can become lighter, but not past the point of perfect equilibrium.

Many people consider numbers to be more eloquent than quality, and fabrics have also begun to chase numbers, seeking to climb the charts by boasting of a “Super” better than the others. With its 21 micron wools, Vitale Barberis Canonico would like to put value back at centre stage. With a classic, daring move, the wool mill has deliberately chosen thicker yarns, full-bodied and wiry, which give the fabrics character, performance and crease-resistance.

The Spring 4-ply, the traditional Superbio worsted and the Rustic Tropical which Vitale Barberis Canonico continues to produce using 21 micron wools, are fabrics created with connoisseurs in mind, who know that only by respecting the ancient traditions of the art does the fabric acquire the virtues to make it unique. In plains, they understand how to be formal without ever becoming austere, and in the striped versions, they have a professional, city feel, but with an energy preventing it from becoming expressionless. As a blazer, it reveals a dynamism which leaves its mark. These fabrics are now joined by the Covert, the Montecarlo jacket, the 6-ply and the Supersonic 21 micron.