Superbio - Vitale Barberis Canonico

Superbio is traditional from the start, from the batavia weave, which favours the drape and smoothness of the fabric. The Superbio is inspired by the serenity of a classic world; in every situation it has a specific flavour, a place and a time. Tradition which takes pride in representation isn’t a box full of old memories, nor is it the greenhouse to make everything grow instantly, but the garden where plants flourish each in their own season. Superbio is best in winter, when its comforting weight, the sobriety of its colours and the severity of its fancy designs are in harmony with the period of hibernation in the world of nature. A fabric which should be hand-sewn, which should exploit the know-how and imagination of a centuries-old tailor’s shop for those who love to be well dressed.