Kenjiro Suzuki

KENJIRO SUZUKI sur-mesure™ Paris is established since 2013 by a young Japanese couple, Kenjiro and Mikiko Suzuki. Kenjiro Suzuki is the last student of Francesco Smalto. At Smalto’s, he has perfected his technique for many years. Thus, he has been trained by André Soulier, the first in-house cutter for forty-five years. Mikiko Suzuki has completed her experience at Camps De Luca’s, another prestigious Paris tailor. Kenjiro makes bespoke suits in the great tradition of master tailors within its own style: suits fitted the silhouette, shoulders with a minimum of padding, more than fifty models of reverse, and double-breasted jacket «cassure creuse».

5 rue d'Edimbourg
75008 Paris - France
Telephone: +330672772981