Stefano de Chiara

Born in Grumo Appula, a few kilometres from Bari, ever since he was a child, Stefano De Chiara was fascinated by dressing well and soon decided to take up tailoring as his career. Every morning in Puglia, where tailors seemed to grow on trees, together with dozens of other young lads, he took the train to Bari to do his apprenticeship in one of the city’s tailor’s shops. He made his debut in a real atelier in 1959 to then move to Rome where he worked in the shop of Francesco Picarone for more than a year. At the end of his Roman experience, he returned to Bari and opened his own atelier in Via Beatillo 19/A in 1992, where since 1998 he has been assisted by his son, Fabrizio, who, having developed his skills with scissors, needle and thread, has also become a master tailor.

Via Beatillo, 19/a
70121 Bari, BA - Italy