Al Bazar

“Trends come and go, but fashion remains” might well be the motto of Lino Ieluzzi, owner of the famous, storied men’s clothing store in downtown Milan. Lino, a universally recognized maestro of style, reinterprets the codes of classical elegance in a contemporary key, creating unique and timeless outfits that rise above passing trends. The keys are elegance and simplicity. He was the first to introduce colour into his creations, because even formal wear can boast a touch of vivaciousness without losing any of its inherent elegance. Al Bazar caters to clients from Milan’s high society, as well as international visitors, proposing and recommending a total look that’s perfected in every detail, no matter how small. It’s the ideal setting for anyone who loves Italian style, excellence, and true Italian tailoring.

Via Antonio Scarpa, 9
20145 Milan, MI - Italy
Mon-Sat: 9.30-19.00
Telephone: +3902433470
Fax: +3902433470