N.h. Sartoria

“N.H.” stands for Nobil Homo (noble man): two letters expressing a style that renders the tradition of handcrafted, custom-tailored suits unique. At N.H. Sartoria, the cut is the star of every jacket, realized according to the fashion sense of tailor Domenico Bombino: jackets take form on the body naturally and don’t require any of the internal structures that normally lend rigidity to the jacket. The artifice of this contemporary interpretation of tailoring is Federico Ceschi a Santa Croce, a noble Venetian who decided to transfer a world of timeless details and elegance into a “non-brand” created exclusively for friends and clients. A small atelier in which Federico Ceschi a Santa Croce’s tastes are expressed through a selection of elegant accessories to be freely mixed and matched with the tailor’s handcrafted suits.

Via Appiani, 1
20121 Milan, MI - Italy
Telephone: +390265560920
Email: info@nhsartoria.it