Sartoria A. Caraceni

Caraceni produces all kinds of clothing ranging from the more formal (tails, morning dress and dinner jackets) to the more sporting (hunting clothing and horse jackets), without forgetting the famous double-breasted jacket, recognised throughout the world. All items are carefully cut and sewn by hand, as per the ancient sartorial tradition handed down from generation to generation, and which lives on in young people who come to our tailors to learn, such as Caraceni’s son Massimiliano who has already been working with the family since 2004. Caraceni feels like the custodians of an art that represents both the past and the future of Italy and that, despite all technology and innovation, is valued and in demand all over the world.

Via Fatebenefratelli, 16
20121 Milan, MI - Italy
Telephone: +39026551972
Fax: +390229003374