Vitale Barberis Canonico

Sartoria Ferdinando Caraceni

Sartoria Ferdinando Caraceni

He had three things in common with Maestro Domenico: their birthday, the 30th May; their native town, Ortona, which they both loved very much; and their surname, Caraceni, already a legend and which Ferdinando made even more famous.

The hero of this story is Maestro Ferdinando Caraceni, born in 1923, who already as a child used to spend the long Abruzzi afternoons practising tacking stitch in the Garzarelli workshop.
At 16 years of age, he was already a trained tailor, and his ambition was so strong and his talent so great that he was called to Milan in 1939 to work, first with Domenico, and then with Augusto after the Second World War. He thus became head cutter at Augusto’s workshop in Via Fatebenefratelli 16. After 29 years of a successful career dressing the most elegant gentlemen in the world, in 1967, he took the important step of opening his own atelier in Via San Marco 22.

It was here, over the years, that the master’s scissors understood how to cut out lines which were recognisable among thousands, which were then put together with needle and thread to create garments full of personality and equilibrium. His daughter, Nicoletta, joined him in 1983. There followed 21 years’ teaching, during which Ferdinando taught her everything, from how to understand the fabric to the style of a neckline or lapel.

None of this style will ever be lost because Nicoletta espoused its characteristics and, since her father’s death in 2004, she has continued in his footsteps absolutely faithfully and with great enthusiasm.

You will find the Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics at Sartoria Ferdinando Caraceni:
Via San Marco, 22
20121 Milan, MI - Italy
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