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Sartoria Ciardi

Being a tailor is hard work. You’re already tired when you’re only 40 years old.” But when you look into his eyes, at his smile, his upright, almost aristocratic bearing, you would never think that Renato Ciardi, born in 1934, had lost his passion for haute couture. His apprenticeship began in the late 1940s in a “humble” workshop, and then once he had learnt the rudiments of tailoring under Maestro Angelo Blasi, he followed his own creative curiosity and moved to Rome, where he spent three years in the atelier of Schubert, the great women’s tailors. After only a few years, however, Renato felt the call back to Naples, a city where it was said that there were over 9,000 tailors. Taking strength from his Rome experiences, in 1955 he opened his first atelier in Via Toledo, before moving again to Via Fiorelli 12, where he still has his workshop. In 1985, he was joined by Enzo and Roberto, who today are at the helm of the company and who dress gentlemen from all over the world in the Ciardi style: a light jacket, restrained, clear, where any imperfections are only on the horizontal. The vertical lines are part of the style. And when you ask him how a jacket is created, without having to think about it for a moment, Renato looks at the dressing room walls and says: “The construction of a suit is carried out with the customer in front of the mirror, and sometimes it involves suffering. The mirror can be challenging, and it often causes the tailor to struggle before the actual creation.” And if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed…

Via Fiorelli, 12
80121 Naples, NA - Italy
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Sat: 9.30-13.00
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