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Sartoria Panico

Antonio Panico, the famous representative of the Neapolitan school of tailoring, was born in Casalnuovo on 27thJanuary, 1941. He is married and has two children, Luigi and Paola, who have both inherited his passion for Neapolitan tailoring. And this passion has also been transmitted to his nephew, Alberto.
Tireless dedication, unparalleled virtuosity, enduring talent. These are the gifts of a craftsman who, for more than 50 years, has concentrated on creating timeless jackets and increasing the prestige of Neapolitan and Italian tailoring across the world.
The first of five siblings, he was only 11 years old when he started work in the tailor’s shop of Giuseppe Ruotolo to then continue as an apprentice with Roberto Combattente, where he learnt the secrets of freehand cutting out of fabrics and developed his natural dexterity. Then, for more than 20 years, he took on the role of master cutter at the workshop of Rubinacci.
In February 1991, Antonio Panico inaugurated his own tailor’s shop and first workshop in Naples, to follow it in 1996 with the opening of his workshop in the heart of Rome. Today, the maestro still works with the same levels of dedication and he is happy to help visitors to his Naples workshop in Via G. Carducci, and the Roman workshop in Via Dei Condotti, with the choice of fabrics, always a difficult topic.
One of his teachings is the best way to describe his idea of elegance: “Anybody wearing one of my jackets should never feel the need to take it off the moment he comes home or gets to the office. It should be so comfortable that it feels like a second skin.”

Via Carducci, 29
80121 Naples, NA - Italy
Telephone: +39081415804