Sartoria Pirozzi

In Viale A. Gramsci no. 23, tailoring is a family affair. Maestro Nunzio today directs the atelier with his children Giovanna and Domenico and grandchildren Giusi and Marco, but his relationship with the needle and thread goes back to when he was 10 years old. Gradually he learnt the art from Maestro Sorrentino at Casalnuovo and after his military service, also from Maestro de Bellis, soon starting to work for the most respected tailors di Blasi and Gargiuli. Prominent names, and it was thanks to them that he quickly advanced and opened his first workshop in Piazza Garibaldi in 1964, when he was still very young. The number of customers grew and grew and his name began to be known, so that in 1989 he moved to the wonderful 19th-century building where his business is still located. Today, suits made by the Pirozzi family are worn by gentlemen from Naples, but also from other cities such as Tokyo, London, Moscow and Almaty, thereby taking the concept of “Made in Italy” to the most prestigious settings.

Viale Antonio Gramsci, 23
80122 Naples, NA - Italy
Mon-Fri: 9.30-18.30
Sat: 9.30-13.30
Telephone: +39081680076
Fax: +39081660020