Sartoria Crimi

The Crimi tailor’s shop was inaugurated in the art nouveau quarter of Palermo in 1970 by the founder, Carmelo Crimi, after he had finished a long apprenticeship with some of the most famous Italian tailors of the period. In 1993, his son Mauro joined him, and this was the beginning of a long professional journey in the “family shop”. Nowadays, their international customers are distinguished by their unique, inimitable style, self-possessed and natural, a perfect example of the best tailoring traditions of Italy’s south coming together with stylistic elements of a more Anglo-Saxon taste. The jewel in the crown is their double-breasted jacket which is recognisable for its strong lines and the softness of a completely artisanal piece of work.

Via Benedetto Civiletti, 11
90141 Palermo, PA - Italy
Mon-Fri: 9.00-19.00
Telephone: +39091323308