Sartoria Ripense

The Ripense tailor’s shop was opened in Rome in 2000. It is both a tailor’s shop and a boutique completely given over to menswear where everything speaks of style and quality. And where everything is absolutely bespoke. An example of Made in Italy, which doesn’t only mean “made by us”, but includes all of the uniqueness of Italian talent and style. Andrea Luparelli, with his passion which he inherited from his tailor grandfather, decided to take on the challenge of keeping the noble family tradition alive. Just as in those old-time shops, here everything conveys that deepest sense of the word “craft”, where manual skills, materials and concepts are the fundamental elements which come together in this workshop.

Via di Ripetta, 38
00186 Rome, RM - Italy
Mon: 14.00-19.30
Tue-Sat: 10.00-19.30
Telephone: +39063233727