Vitale Barberis Canonico

Tommy & Giulio Caraceni

Tommy & Giulio, it could be the names of two cinema stars. Tommy is also spelt with the final “y”, not so common in Italian, which gives it even more of an international flair. Instead of which, we are talking about two icons of haute couture, two brothers who are so close to each other that they even got married on the same day. Two designers who have made their mark in sartorial circles in Rome. But when you mention the Caraceni family, you should go back a little in time. The head of the family was called Tommaso, and he was a very well-known tailor in Ortona and the surrounding area during the mid-1800s. But the real turning point came with his three sons: Domenico, Augusto and Galliano. Domenico moved to Rome where he opened an atelier and became very successful, and was later joined by his two brothers. Augusto was tasked with developing the business and he then left Rome to open his own tailor’s shop in Paris and also his famous shop in Milan, which is still open for business in Via Fatebenefratelli. Galliano moved to Naples to open an atelier which did not last long, however. When Domenico died, it was his nephews, along with their father Galliano, who took over the reins of the Rome atelier, creating their own style which remains unchanged even now. Today, at the historical address of Via Campania, 61/B, al the fourth generation is now at the helm, represented by Andrea Caraceni, who entered the business in 2006, and who is supported by the legendary cutter, Giancarlo Tonini. Caraceni suits will certainly have a common character, but the Roman line is, so to speak, more charismatic and rich in essential symbols, amongst these being the revers which are exactingly always between 9 and 9.5 centimetres, the high armholes, the trouser turn-ups of 4.5 centimetres and the peaked lapels shaped like olive leaves. Everything as it always has been without compromise, because when it comes to Caraceni style, the devil is in the detail.

You will find the Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics at Tommy & Giulio Caraceni:
Via Aurelia, 32
00187 Roma, RM - Italy
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