Sartoria Donnadio

“Harmony of contours, sophistication in style and love of elegance are the things that have led me to dedicate myself to tailoring.” Young Andrea Donnadio started his career as a tailor at the age of sixteen in Naples. Learning the “trade” was not easy; as so often happens in the artisans’ world, the Masters did not pay attention to teaching their skills. As a consequence, the apprentices had to work out the art of tailoring for themselves. In the course of his career he has dressed many a prominent professional and politician such as Enzo Ghigo, Osvaldo Napoli, Piero Chiambretti and many others. He has been knighted as Cavaliere del Lavoro and after 40 years his passion has not abated.

Via Monferrato, 27/F
10131 Turin, TO - Italy
Telephone: +390118196076