Sartoria Vergallo

The story of Sartoria Vergallo began in the environs of Salento in 1943, when Carmelo Vergallo opened his atelier for bespoke clothing. After the difficulties of the war, he saw a better future in Lombardy for his business, and opened a shop in the centre of Varese. The family tradition has been handed down, and now, with Gianni Cleopazzo, Varese boasts one of the youngest artisans of the art of Italian dress style. He heads up the team as a skilled tailor with the outlook of running a modern workshop where the value of handcraft and the sensitivity of the eye and the hand are not replaced by machines; where the quality is of classic, everlasting, natural excellence; where the result is unique every time, irrespective of the painstaking work involved.

Via Rossini, 14
21100 Varese, VA - Italy
Telephone: +390332231072