Sartoria Pasinato

One of the youngest tailors in Italy, Massimo Pasinato opened his atelier in 1998 after learning the trade from the maestro Gino Calabresi, starting when he was only 14 years old. A tailor in every sense of the word, and able to take care of every detail of a suit, from the cutting to the last button hole, Massimo Pasinato continues the Venetian tradition of very clean lines and well-constructed jackets, completely hand-stitched and finished, perfectly. In 2005 the young tailor from Vicenza moved his atelier to the current site, which has been recently renovated, and which offers new customers, who want to get to know the wonderful world of haute couture, the possibility of enjoying optimal service. For Massimo Pasinato, who wanted to continue the tradition of bespoke, hand-made garments, the most gratifying moment is when he and the customer come to the conclusion of a journey taken together: starting with the choice of the fabric, and moving through the definition of the model, the decisions taken during the fittings, until the final satisfaction of seeing the person wearing the finished garment.

Via Battaglione Monte Berico, 23
36100 Vicenza, VI - Italy
Mon: 15.00-19.00
Tue-Fri: 8.00-12.00/15.00-19.00
Sat: 8.00-12.00
Telephone: +390444321946
Fax: +3904441830321