Vick Tailor - Vitale Barberis Canonico
Vick Tailor

Vick Tailor is the tailor’s shop run by Takuya Kondo, in the Ginza district in central Tokyo. “Vick” was the name of Beau Brummel’s dog, the Englishman who had a great influence on men’s fashions in the 1800s. The name symbolises the elegant, classic style of Mr. Kondo’s atelier, as was demonstrated by Beau Brummel himself, who was the preeminent dandy of all times. After graduating from fashion school and doing his training at various prestigious tailor’s shops in Japan, Takuya Kondo opened his own shop, Vick Tailor, in 2003. He is a master tailor who creates handmade suits and who manages all the processes himself, including pattern-making, cutting, sewing, etc. The softness of the clean-lined silhouette resulting from the many hand-stitched parts, such as the sleeves, is the real essence of Vick Tailor.

Ajiria J's 701 Ginza 2-12-4
Chuo-ku Tokyo - Japan
Mon-Tue: 11.00-20.00
Thu-Sun: 11.00-20.00
Telephone: +810355651525