Lerici - Vitale Barberis Canonico

Everything started with an idea by the editor, Kim Daechul. After observing the world of fashion from the pages of magazines for years, he decided to set up a tailor’s shop. In 2005 Lerici was established, which today represents one of the great Korean tailors. And the secret of such a success? An unexpected commixture of design, artisanal skill and enterprise Made in Korea. Often design and tailoring are not happy in close coexistence with each other. While the former always has that metallic glint of avant-garde industry, the latter lives on tradition, classicism which is too often oriented towards a mature clientele of connoisseurs who appreciate the details involved. In the Lerici atelier, this dichotomy vanishes and makes rooms for a shrewd combination of the two using, for example, overcoats with an unusual pocket design or fashionable lapels which catch the eye of the younger generation in need of encouragement to help them fall in love with hand-tailored clothes. More than just a workshop, Lerici is a cultural laboratory, a successful experiment in grand style, where the hand of the elder master tailor, Jang Hanjong, takes up and translates the ideas of the younger Kim Daechul. And if you go to see them, remember to pop down to the basement to get a glimpse of the tailors at work through a type of porthole, or up to the first floor to visit the Becket showroom, the Lerici start-up dedicated to jewellery without time or space, created in collaboration with a well-known designer.

104-15 Cheongdam Dong
Gangnam Gu, Seoul - South Korea
Tue-Sat: 10.30-19.30
Sun: 10.30-17.00
Telephone: +82025495356
Email: info@lerici.kr