Sastreria Manuel Calvo de Mora

Manuel Calvo de Mora’s professional origins date back to 1965, in the tailoring shop of his father, José, where he began to learn his craft and where his father taught in him the virtues of a job well done and the “know-how” of the profession. This maxim, in combination with his training and the pursuit of perfection in his work, enabled him to evolve and progress in the field. In 1991, he set out on his own, showcasing his work and attracting more and more clients through word of mouth. In 2000, his son Alberto decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and a year later, his son César also joined the project. At Manuel Calvo de Mora tailoring, we know better than anyone how important it is to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction. As such, on the foundations of our extensive experience in the craft, we have established the standards that have defined the professionalism of our company from the outset: quality, diligence, and efficacy. The tailoring shop has an on-site workshop where we control the artisanal process from start to finish, ensuring a unique elegance. Their mission is to improve the image of those who visit us by emphasizing style without neglecting the quality of the fabric or the comfort of the garment. In short, a job well done to achieve the excellence that their profession as tailors requires and that their clients demand.

C/ AYALA, Nº 10, Bajo, Derecha
28001 - Madrid - Spain