Leonard Logsdail

Leonard Logsdail, a Londoner by birth, started his career in Savile Row by training under authorities such as Bernard Weatherill and Maurice Sedwell. In 1971, when he was only 21 years old, he decided to open his own workshop and within a short period, he was confirmed as a new talent on the menswear front. He started to travel in Europe, but his life changed when a business trip took him for a few days to New York and Washington D.C. during which he developed a special feeling for the North American market. So much so that very quickly, between one trunk-show and another, he found himself spending five months in the United States. And then he fell in love: in 1988, Leonard Logsdail married a woman from Philadelphia and three years later, permanently moved with her and their son to New York, where after only a few months he opened his own studio at 510 Madison Avenue. During these years, the local press was very interested in stories about people leaving Savile Row to seek their fortunes abroad, and, aided by some very well written articles, Logsdail soon started his ascent to become one of the best known tailors in the trade. Today, his atelier is on the 4th floor of 9 East 53rd Street, and in addition to having clothed the most elegant of American men, he can also boast of collaborations with cinema directors such as Robert de Niro, Oliver Stone, Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese.

9 East 53rd Street (4th Floor)
New York, NY 10022 - United States
Telephone: +12127525030
Email: leonard@leonardlogsdail.com