Gianni Agnelli - Vitale Barberis Canonico
Gianni Agnelli

“Gianni Agnelli was the most powerful businessman in Europe […]. He was the trendsetter in that most style conscious of countries, Italy.” (As reported in The Telegraph, the day after Agnelli’s death)
At once global businessman and Renaissance prince, legendary playboy and precursor of style in Italy, arguably the country that pays more attention than any other to fashion and personal looks, Gianni Agnelli was an undisputed icon of Italian men’s fashion. His dress code was always appropriate, even immaculate, and often dictated rules for anyone interested in imitating the gentleman’s classic style. Known as the “Avvocato” (Lawyer), Agnelli wore suits that were at once elegant and practical: exceptionally well crafted for jet set events, or casual and loose for the many informal situations he loved to take part in. His personal style communicated a way of living life based on intensity and speed; on a shifting, transformable axis that kept boredom and the banal as far away as possible.

Vitale Barberis Canonico “Winter 1970-71”

The volume on display here was part of the Vitale Barberis Canonico® wool mill’s company sample selection, and includes rectangular swatches intended for draperies. Drawings vary from united, to Prince of Wales, to parishioner’s eye. On the back, at the top, you can see the golden “V.B.C.” seal. The cover includes the wool mill’s name and the season of reference. Rectangular swatches set on the pages are subdivided into sections and organized into three ordered columns. Each swatch includes a progressive identification number according to type and variant.

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