Vitale Barberis Canonico

Agorà Award

  • Palermo
  • August 4th, 2023

On 21 July, the awards ceremony for the 36th edition of the Agorà Awards, an event that has been celebrating the best talents in the field of advertising in Italy since 1986, took place in the elegant Palazzo Reale in Palermo.

The video campaign created by Myvisto for VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO won in the INTERNET and MULTIMEDIA – SOCIAL MEDIA category, earning the Agorà Bronze Award.

MyVisto is three times proud: not only for having collaborated with a client company that we thank for the “visionary” challenge it posed to us, but also for having met its expectations, and finally for achieving such an important recognition.

Special thanks go to the marketing and human resources teams of VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO, who chose to invest in a communication campaign focused on recruiting new talents, an “unusual” goal for social media, that Myvisto reached by selecting the best team from the 2800 Creators in its Community.

Myvisto’s team of creators not only translated the vision of VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO into magnificent images that paid tribute to the company, its production chain, tradition, and entire production process, but did so with a lively and rhythmic style, almost like a video clip, to better engage the target audience.

Created “by talents for talents”, the video expresses not only a specific objective, but also a fundamental value for a company that puts the focus on its employees: the importance of “having the right people in the right company”.