We operate in harmony with the environment and our sorroundings.

We manage natural resources with great care and attention, aiming at the least environmental impact possible. For this reason, we have always made use of the most advanced technology, and constantly revised and updated the infrastructure and production processes.

Energy consumption has been optimised, as a result of an energy efficiency policy and the reduction of atmospheric emissions.. In addition, since 2019, we have purchased only electric energy derived from renewable sources.

The crystal clear waters of the Biellese valleys are essential for the textile industry, and we endeavour to reduce our consumption as far as possible. We release only pure water back into the environment by means of an in-house waste water treatment plant built in 1987 and constantly improved.

We dedicate particular attention to waste management by avoiding wastage and, with the participation of our employees, putting in place specific recycling policies.

Certification for Environmental Protection ISO 14001 since 2019
Water for one metre of finished fabric
Energy for one metre of finished fabric
100% of energy supplied from certified renewable sources - 13,000 tons of CO2
100% water purified in internal plant: returned to surface waters, recycled in production processes
Recycling and reusing of waste textile 98.7%
100% compliance to MRSL
Textile by-products 13% reused in the cycle 86% placed in the market 1% waste for recovery
The other fundamental elements
Sustainability Report