Our people are our best fabric.

We care about their professionalism and their competence, favouring talents from the Biellese textile district, where the culture of know-how is firmly rooted, thus building an enduring connection with the local community.

Our employees and collaborators are committed to carrying out their activities in line with the company principles, with courtesy and transparency, a sense of responsibility, absolute diligence and team spirit towards their colleagues and third parties. They are actively involved in company life and valued for their talents and their proactive contribution.

We ensure stimulating working conditions, based on individual merits and dignity, as well as a safe and healthy work environment to protect the physical and moral integrity of people.

Occupation Health and Safety Certification ISO 45001 Since 2019
438 employees 51% female workforce
Distance from home and workplace 73% <15km 25% 15-30km 2% >30km
96% permanent contracts
Recruitment rate 4.5%, Turnover rate 5.7%
Quietest WEAVING department in the world as a result of sound-proofed cabins
Company welfare: Life Insurance, Integrated Health Insurance, Long-Term Care programme, Sickness cover entirely paid by Company
Network of 120 commercial agreements in the area
80 study bursaries awarded in 16 award periods, 6 in 2019
Tailor-made training programmes also on demand
The other fundamental elements
Sustainability Report